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    When an attractive girl comes around the corner, and I’m hanging out with the guys, I’m the kind of person, rather than ogle and comply with what’s expected of me, I look to see their reactions. I don’t know why I do it. As well, I have sat near the front of the theater at a movie so I can look back and see everyone staring and reacting at the same thing, simultaneously. In particular, a movie I’ve already seen, and when I know what’s coming. For some reason this is more interesting to me. So, when I listened as the verdicts were read in the Anthony case I started thinking about…what people would say and think. I took a look at Facebook. No surprise. Reactionary emotional outrage fueled by an honest need for justice in the case of an apparently murdered and certainly dead little girl. The real fuel on our feelings came from other sources though.

    For 3 years American’s have been listening to Nancy Grace spew her ignorant speculation like she’s in tight with the big guy upstairs and rewarded her with a career based on her rhetoric, and with no further merit. Who the hell is she? Where did she come from? Did anyone ever ask this? Over time the Nancy Grace clones have popped up and are just as bad.

    Do I think Casey Anthony is Guilty? She is not innocent. It’s clear with every sound that comes out of her mouth. That’s not evidence though is it? She is guilty on some level, that’s clear in my gut. I’m also sure that the Salem Witch trials were driven by the same gut feelings, and I don’t doubt my feelings have been influenced by the perpetual media machine who have maintained their ratings by exploiting news instead of reporting it. We’ve gotten used to the megalopinionated (an intentional misspell) news folk who wear the hat of reporter and entertainer interchangeably as it suits the moment.

    Casey will be around for some time. Her own show…or some sick bizarreness. And we’ll just eat it right up, or maybe we won’t. Maybe things will change. It will take a hard honest look at ourselves at least as much as we judge televised strangers. We do tend to celebrate narcissistic party animal celebrities though don’t we? I also think it’s a safe bet she’ll be back behind bars again someday. She’s myopic and at least a little nuts. Getting out of this jam will only embolden such pathological behaviors. The mood of her parents as they left seemed so much more appropriate than the joy of the accused and her "team" after the decision.

    My real beef remains with Nancy Grace, her clones, and that whole cheesy exploitative mode that media has embraced. I can remember the old days when calm reporters delivering the news in a neutral format was all we had. I prefer that, and miss it I guess. I think Nancy should go back to wherever she came from. Just disappear for good. She’s just as bad as Casey or whoever killed her daughter. She has misused a sad horrible incident to her own gain. Guilty on some level too I think, and in an ironic twist it may just turn out her types emboldened the investigation and prosecutors with a false sense of confidence. Grace for Casey, imagine that.

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